What have I learnt from the blog?

This is the last post to be published on the blog, and it must be posted before this week ends. The post will be about what we have learned during the time that we have read in our book and blogged about it. After this post it only remains to write an analysis or book report, which must be submitted during the last week in February which is after the winter break.

What have I learned from blog writing that we’ve had for a few weeks now?

It has been an exciting and educational time. I’ve learned some different things out of having this English project. Before we started to publish posts to your blog, I checked other people’s blogs online. I got both inspiration on how I could write on the blog, and i was aware of what the tasks were. The fact that I already knew about the tasks was of great help, it allowed me to concentrate on the most difficult task that should be published in the meantime while I read the book. I’m not so fond of reading books, and before I read just to read. But this time I focused more on the content, and to remember the plot and details.

During this time we’ve been blogging, we have also commented on the blogs of others in the class. It has also given me inspiration by seeing how others have set up and fixed their blog. It has been quite nice to know what the others in the class think about the blog and my posts, and they had both positive and negative comments. Both the positive and negative comments I have taken with me further in the next few blog posts, so that i can continue with what has been good and improve what could be better.



What is the book really about?

In today’s post, I will talk about theme in the book. What is meant by the term theme is what the book is really about, that is the soul of the book.

One of the most important and central theme of the novel is maybe secrets. What binds the book together are the various secrets in the book. If the book had been without secrets, it had probably been without Sarah, war and Julia. There are plenty of secrets in the book from the French involvement with the Holocaust to family secrets that have lasted over several generations. The fact that it floats of secrets in the book gets people to understand that everyone has secrets, even with those you see as the most rigorous and faithful people.

A central theme of the novel is family. The novel has strong family ties between the people involved in the action. Sarah has a strong relationship with her family, while Julia has perhaps not as strong relationship with her family, but she shows at least loyalty to her daughter, her husband and her parents. The family of Sarah split when they are sent to concentration camps, but the family is probably the only thing that gave the hope that one day they could live freely again.

The battle between good and evil is an important theme in the novel. The action takes place in a cruel period, during the Second World War. Jewish persecution was one of the biggest problems during that time, and there were few who were willing to help Jews. But there were still a few who have the heart to help the Jews, such as the lady who gave the Jews bread so they could survive or Jules and Geneviève Dufaure who embraced Sarah and Rachel when they escaped from the camp.

flukt sarah.jpg

Another theme in the novel is that one should stand up for themselves. Julia stood up for herself when it came to abortion. She was pregnant with her husband Bertrand. Julia would keep the child, while he believed that she should have an abortion and thought he was too old for the child. She stood up for herself and what she thought was right, and retained her child as she was already in love with until it came to the world.

Point of view

As we already know, Sarah’s Key is a book that is divided into two different stories. The autor switches between telling the story in the third- and first person in the book. The first half of the book is about Sarah’s story that is told in the third person. We see that the author has written in the third person using ”He”, ”She”, ”It” and ”They”. The second half of the book is about Julia’s story and has been told in the first person. We see this by the author uses ” I ” and ” We ”. It is a smart choice of the author to prevent use of the first person in the first half, since Sarah’s story is quite complicated. When the author chooses to use third person in Sarah’s story he makes it easier for the reader so that you can follow and understand the action better, such as the dangerous and deadly events of the Second World War. It not only the acts that are more easy to understand, but also thoughts and character traits of the other characters in the book.

Here are some examples from the book:

‘’The girl was the first to hear the loud pounding on the door.’’

She was afraid. She remembered the recent, hushed conversations she had overheard, late at night, when her parents thought she was asleep. ‘’

‘’ I’m fine, just tired, that’s all.’’

‘’I tried to keep an easy smile on my face, aware of Herve’sinquiring eyes moving to me from time to time.’’

Book analysis vs. book report

One last task on the blog remains, and we can freely choose between two tasks that are either writing a book analysis or a book report.

Ever since I found out that I was gonna read the book Sarah’s Key, I knew that I was gonna choose the book analysis. I’ve seen the movie Sarah’s Key several times, and there are different themes drawn into the book. One of the points that must be in the analysis is to write about some of the topics in the book. Book analysis seems more demanding and provides more space for own thoughts and opinions about the book. Another reason is also because the analysis can be obtained grade 1-6 while the book report can only be obtained from 1-5. I fancy a good character and must therefore work hard with the analysis in order to achieve it.

The setting

The novel is made up of two stories that are in the same place take place in two different years. The genre of the book is friction, which means that it is a fictional story. However, the plot of the book could have been a completely normal life for a Jewish family during the Second World War. Jews were persecuted and hated greatly, and most were sent to concentration camps and gassed. There was a heavy period for most Jews. But luckily, it has changed. There are still some people who do not like Jews, but to a more less extent than during the Second World War.

The first story takes place in the capital France, Paris July 1942. It is about a Jewish family who lived in an apartment during the Second World War. The Jewish family consisted of Sarah, her little brother and her parents. One day the family was forced out of their apartment and taken to the Velodrome D’Hiver where thousands of other Jews also were forced. Not only that, they were later put on a train and transported to an unknown location. The unknown place they were taken to was Beaune-la Rolande internment camp. Sarah managed to escape from the camp and was taken care of by a farmer and his wife. Surroundings in the novel are useful because it tells what happened to thousands of Jews during the Second World War. It gives a picture of how families were split and the different places they were forced to leave.

The second story in the novel takes place in the same place as the other started. They are still in Paris, France but the year is 2002. It is about Julia, Bertrand and Zoe, who moves to a new home. Julia is travelling around France for more information and knowledge about various internment camps that helps her to write an article. Surroundings in the short story is useful because Julia moves in the apartment where Sarah and family were evicted during the heavy period during the Second World War. Julia found out she was pregnant and was very happy for the nice news. Her husband had a completely different view on the news. He believed that she should not keep the baby and he gave her a suggestion that she should have an abortion.

sarah julia

The first chapter

The first chapter takes place in Paris in July 1942. It is about a Jewish family of four who stayed in Germany during the Second World War. It all started a dark and quiet night when the whole family slept. The father had to sleep through this difficult period in a hiding place in the basement. Sarah woke up hearing some noises. She thought it was her father who walked up the stairs from the basement. Then she heard loud sounds from the front door ”Police! Open up! Now!”.

Sarah has previously overheard some of the conversations of their parents. They had mentioned some unfamiliar words that she did not know the meaning of. Words like “camps,” “roundup, a big roundup,” “early morning arrests,” was the unknown words that were included in almost all the conversations to her parents.

She had to wake her mother, who fixed herself instantly. Her mother opened the front door and outside stood two French police officers. They asked where her husband was, but both mother and daughter denied having seen him for a while. They asked to pack clothes and hygiene issues for some week stay. Sarah hid her brother and locked the cupboard. Her brother and father were hidden in the house. The two police officers took the mother and her daughter.


The book I chose

I chose to read the book “Sarah’s Key” written by Tatiana De Rosnay. “Sarah’s Key” is a quite famous book that has gotten a lot of positive reviews. At first I was not sure which book I should choose to read. A friend of mine recommended the book “Sarah’s Key”, and after she told me briefly about it, I thought it was a good idea to read it. I have previously seen the movie “Sarah’s Key”, and it was a nice movie that did an impression on me. I liked the movie well, so therefore I wanted to see if the book was just as nice as the movie and usually books are even better. The book has a lot of action described in it because it takes place during the Second World War where the persecution of Jews was huge. However, I especially like the realistic part about it and the fact that it takes up a very historical and important aspect of our history.

Tatiana De Rosany is a well known author in Europe and her books are read by a number of people. “Sarah’s Key” is one of her best known books, next to “Boomerang” and “House You Loved”. “Sarah’s Key” is the first book Tatiana wrote in English and it became a huge success all around the world, with nine million sold copies in around 42 countries.